Freebies Part II – The Sequel

This entry is mainly picture filled where I salute some the items that are sello-taped to products at the supermarket in an attempt to entice you.

First off we have the ice pack with noodles.

Summer is a coming and soon ice noodles will be everywhere. Ice noodles are, that’s right, you’ve guessed it, noodles in an icy broth. So this freebie makes some sense.

Try finding sense in this one:

Washing detergent and noodles!? Should you wash your noodles with this before you eat them? Or maybe you are supposed to add noodles to the wash to get that crunchy feel that we all crave for in our fresh clothes.

While we’re on noodles:

Here is some beer and noodles. As a drunken snack, noodles do go pretty well so I sort of see the logic behind this one.

The next photo reveals that there is some stout in Korea, not just chilled urine.

Oh yeah, stout and nuts – what a combo. Maybe these freebies aren’t so stupid.

Sorry what!? Are you suggesting I add some grape juice to my pasta sauce? How are these two items related?

Now there is some innovation for you. Give free disposable dip holders away with your Pepsi. That way you are forced to purchase crisps or nuts. Or you could buy more beer with nuts taped to it.

Hmmmm Guinness